Puppy training Malinois puppy learning Obstacle with Maryland dog trainer Pat Nolan

ponderosakennels.com Puppy Training a nice young Malinois puppy on obstacles equipment. Shown here working on the teeter totter, dog walk, elevated chain link and tunnel for FEMA, police and sport work and agility work. You will get off to the right start with the motivational training techniques shown here. This clip features a Malinos puppy training but all dogs learn the same way. Puppy Training in Maryland www.ponderosakennels.com
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  1. 222tedy says:

    you have nice video but try to take a look Borca another dog 7 months. This is another soup :-)) Search ANRY malinois for sale.

  2. iTibbi says:

    What a great idea for a practice tunnel. Will have to try that and the other tips out. thanks.

  3. foxgirl26 says:

    your a good man!

  4. grammiepammie2009 says:

    What a waste of time.

  5. durham434 says:

    Are you SERIOUS???? You are misleading everyone…..this is just a big commercial and even if I wanted your product, I would get it from someone else because you misled us with the title you gave to your youtube video…….Just be honest from the start; do not lie as you will find people hate liars!! PS:Sorry, but your voice needs some work, too if you plan on selling audio videos. Also, thanks to all of the comments, I wasted only 45 seconds…….the other 5 minutes I spent typing

  6. 2740142 says:

    thanks for nothing I wasted 3 minutes listening to your annoying voice to realise its a commercial you suck

  7. haseebgood says:

    iDoit you did not told a thing

  8. xlayton21 says:

    this tube sucks do u explain anything u waste of time asshole

  9. MilkinMamma says:

    Lame. Too bad I didn’t read the comments first.

  10. Slaynyc says:

    umm you suck ans so does this waste of time you tube vid

  11. MIORIGAMI says:

    umm, thanks for…oh, i don’t know…nothing? you should have said this was a link to your site, not have people sit here, waiting, and expecting your advice.
    i won’t be going to your site. That was just wrong.

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