Puppy Socialization Classes Desensitize Dogs To The Veterinary Clinic: Veterinarians Now Offering New Puppy Owners Puppy Socialization Classes In Their Clinics

Puppy Socialization Classes Desensitize Dogs To The Veterinary Clinic: Veterinarians Now Offering New Puppy Owners Puppy Socialization Classes In Their Clinics

Loveland, Colorado (PRWEB) June 4, 2007

Many dogs “learn” to become anxious and fearful when it comes to making a trip to the veterinarian. Anxiety and fear can result when repeated exposure to a particular environment results in repeated unpleasant or painful experiences. To address this issue, some veterinarians are now offering classes providing socialization opportunities with other dogs, humans and the veterinary clinic for their new puppy owners by holding classes or puppy pre-school at the clinic itself.

E-Training for Dogs, Inc. has developed a “train the trainer” course providing step by step instruction and education in creating, marketing and implementing puppy socialization classes within a veterinary clinic. The course, Vet Clinic Puppy Manners and Socialization Certification is for canine behaviorists, trainers, veterinary assistants, technicians and veterinarians interested in developing and assisting veterinary clinic clients in early puppy education, dealing with safety, health and nutrition, puppy manner imprinting, socialization and general puppy care. It is available for online viewing, both “Live” (Instructor-led) and “Recorded” (Self-paced).

Taught by Jan Bradfeldt, this is an intensive 8-week course requiring at least 75% attendance and a score of at least 75% on exams to earn the certificate. Jan has been associated with dog training since 1971 studying behavior modification, psychology and animal science at Oregon State Univ. and graduating in 1976. She is currently teaching puppy imprinting classes for three local veterinarians and also a public Canine Good Citizen Prep Class. The Vet Clinic Puppy Manners and Socialization Certification assures clients and veterinarians that graduates are highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Canine behaviorists and other experts commonly agree that puppies appear to have an optimal learning period that falls between 8 and 16 weeks. In these weeks, experiences, good or bad, have a powerful and lasting impact on the puppy. It is also during this period of 8-16 weeks that vets recommend keeping your puppy away from other dogs while he/she completes his/her vaccination course. Puppy socialization classes at a clinic provide for a safe and disease free environment as these classes will always insist that the puppies in the class are up to date with their vaccinations to be admitted to the class.

Veterinarians today are mindful of the clear links between a total wellness program, preventive measures and the subsequent health of their patients. According to an article in the Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice, May, 1997, K. Seksel wrote that “setting up a puppy training program is one of the most important services veterinarians can offer. Puppy socialization classes aim not only to socialize the puppies so that they learn to interact well with children, adults, and other dogs, but also to teach basic obedience exercises. The classes build a strong bond between puppy, owner, and Veterinary clinic.” In another article found in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine Associations, July, 2003, Duxbury and colleagues found in a study of 284 dogs found higher retention rates (dogs were not returned to the shelter) in homes for dogs that participated in puppy socialization classes.

Beyond the obvious result of a dog that will not be fearful or misbehave at future visits to the veterinarian, the veterinarian has probably gained a client for the life of that dog and beyond. In addition, perhaps, the more informed the client, and the quality experience of socialization to other dogs, people and the clinic, may actually result in less unwanted pets at shelters. One can only hope.

About E-Training for Dogs:

Ground-breaking, e-learning leader, E-Training for Dogs, Inc. has harnessed the power of the internet, using online audio and video to bring the dog training seminar and professional dog trainer and training to you. No travel involved. No time off work. We are the only online access to quality dog trainers and dog training available both instructor-led (live) or self-paced (recorded). Access and timing is everything; and access to the unique and large variety of dog sports, working dogs and working with dogs is now available to everyone, anywhere, anytime.


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