Dog Training Techniques

www.EasyGuideToDo.com — Dog Training Techniques Dog training basics should be your first step whether you are training hunting dogs or pets. By training your dog, you will learn to work together. Your pup should learn the basic commands for a successful future together. Commands your dog should master. “Watch Me” – The dog learns to focus his attention on you. * Hold a treat near your face. * Say the command. * When dog looks at you, give treat and praise. “Sit” – The dog sits down beside you on command. * Use “Watch Me” to get dog’s attention. * Say the command. * If the dog does not sit, hold the treat over his nose and move it backward slowly. * When the dog sits, give treat and praise. “Stay” – The dog remains in a sitting position until called. * Follow instructions for “Sit” command but do not give treat or praise. * If you practice in a non-enclosed area outdoors, use a long leash. * If your dog becomes distracted coming back to you, get his attention again. To learn more about Dog Training, please visit our website : www.EasyGuideToDo.com
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  1. katiemariepatton says:

    @thamazingrach Both. I really don’t pay attention to my time or gas either. I find most of my clothes at thrift stores too, so it nice to know that I’m buying an item I found in the store that will pay for the clothes I’m also buying. Most of the store clerks recognize me too.

  2. thamazingrach says:

    Do you thrift strictly for resale katie, or do you get actual enjoyment from it? I ask because I never think about the gas or the time, I just go to browse and shop and be able to spend money without feeling guilty for spending ‘too much’.

  3. pattypatz1 says:

    You would be suprised at that Leapfros stuff. They have discontined the books and cartridges cause now they have the Ipad the Leap Tag stuff. A 5& 10 near me closed all the books out at .25 and the replacement pens for .10 I grabbed a few of the pens and one just sold today on Amazon for 29.99. I listed it just under the lowest price Kicking myself for not buying all the pens.. there were about 20 right after Xmas.
    ps listed my “FYI” copy for the lowest at 56.00 in one day Thanks for tip!

  4. shadowfaxx1 says:

    Wow, your Goodwills must be better than ours.

  5. cc10121492 says:

    I went to Goodwill to buy stuff for myself and save money… Half of the store smelled like poop, the other half like peanuts… No thanks, I’ll stick to Walmart cause I have class.

  6. candidsniperdotcom says:

    @99MarkFTW im sure she does to she sounds like she knows her stuff but i just wanna be inspired i guess haha no one ever wants to show how good they do a ton of people, and im by no means saying her, say they do alot of stuff but never prove it all to get views and subscribers so they can be partner with youtube and make money i can name at least 2 people that do that and again i do not believe she is one of them that does that but i need some motivation!

  7. annabellasgiftshop says:

    Great finds!!!

  8. gkparks1 says:

    You’re the best!

  9. tarboy69 says:

    sweet hall !!!!!

  10. katiemariepatton says:

    @terrick Lighter fluid will get it off, like the kind you use for outdoor grills. Then use cotton balls. It can take some of the paint off.

  11. terrick says:

    Hi! Do you have any suggestions on removing those super sticky Goodwill price tag stickers? I’ve used acetone in the past on some metals/hard plastic or clear plastic packaging, but I know that it (and any liquid cleaner really) will destroy things like cardboard boxes.

  12. 99MarkFTW says:

    @candidsniperdotcom i’m sure she does ok would like to know her feedback score though.

  13. candidsniperdotcom says:

    hey katie any chance you could tell us your ebay name so we could check out how successful you are so we could start trying some of the similar things you do? not that i dont believe you i totally do but it seems no one ever tells there ebay name so we can see how well they do so we feel better about our self ya know? kinda like she can do it i can do type thing

  14. pattypatz1 says:

    wow snipe tool? they really work huh?

  15. pattypatz1 says:

    ps that same Expansion set was for sale at 1/2 off 3.99 I didnt get it but got one called Warcraft III, and now wish I got the one you showed.
    I know what you mean about getting toys that they dont make anymore, I got a brand new turboTwist math blaster for $2 once and it went for $49 all because they dont make them anymore
    Keep eyes out for those small handheld version of games I had some leftover stocking stuffers handheld simon game from 5 yrs ago. It went for a ridiculous amount this xmas

  16. pattypatz1 says:

    I am trying to imagine the storage space you have! LOL Your gonna have to do a video on suggestions for storage.
    I was at GoodWill yesterday and thought of your tips

  17. julzbo says:

    @katiemariepatton Thanks!

  18. OriginalOwner777 says:

    In the UK one woman bought a heavy gaudy what she thought was costom jewelry necklace until she got it properly apraised…… She sold the genuine 3000 year old egyptian necklace she purchased for in excess of $500000 so look close even at what looks like junk loose in a box sometimes a treasure will shine out at you

  19. OriginalOwner777 says:

    Good ideas however another idea is to look at countries with a weaker ecconomies ebay to buy cheap even when you factor in shipping also if you see wierd patterened cups and pans look for the following name clarice cliff although more popular in the UK sets of that can sell factoring in exchange rate $25000 so worth looking for things bought from UK to potentially send back to be propperly auctioned

  20. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    It’s awesome that you find these deals. I never have that kind of luck. Of course at this point I really don’t know what I’m looking for either. ;) c

  21. katiemariepatton says:

    @julzbo You can scrap it at a scrap yard.

  22. 99MarkFTW says:

    Thanks katie, Giving us hope southern california goodwills aren’t that great there’s only two goodwilloutlets and they just closed one of them like 2 weeks ago. There’s a couple stores though so maybe I can find some stuff like this there.

  23. BUDDYSNORES says:

    Love the way you think. You will be very successful in life.

  24. julzbo says:

    Thanks, Katie! How do you sell brass?

  25. MakingMovesMajor says:

    Lots of good pickups. I like the computer programs. Nice shoes too!

  26. nortenito1 says:

    can you please make a video of you teaching a boxer dog or any dog to (watch me command)please!!!!

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