Amazing Dog Trainer

Amazing Dog Trainer
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  1. wowyourock123 says:

    36 people are not smart as maggie

  2. PlanetFailure says:

    Aren’t the judges failed actors?

  3. MPTSAR262831 says:

    At the start you can hear the trainer says “bitch do it”

  4. globalemporio says:

    WOW!!!Thats awesome check out this site for more dog training Videos and tips and gudes.

  5. tuancao83 says:

    1) Hold your breath.

    2) Copy all of these steps.

    3) Go to two other video.

    4) Paste it in the comments.

    If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a good pot smoker

  6. hellchaser11 says:

    @Masoniik six?

  7. Masoniik says:

    Mag pie baby whats 871*8754 – 5552 + 121^5?


  8. sonydogman says:

    She is signaling when to stop!

  9. kikiveto123 says:

    got a math test tomorow, need help, may i get this dog with me at school?

  10. MrSucker234 says:


  11. Whitsdude says:

    The beginning is a poor knockoff of the “smartest dog ever.” Only that dog is a TON better at that. Type that in the search bar and click on the one with the guy in the cowboy hat. That dog was awesome. But the math part is amazing.

  12. poptartstar321 says:

    i saw this on tv wow!

  13. MartinaMovies says:

    MagPie? Terrible…

  14. MartinaMovies says:

    @baretree298 Why you think that? I mean, the dog listened to all of her commands, he doesnt even eat his cookie because she said so.

  15. Jdavisrp says:

    Typical Jack Russell, smart enough to be easily trained, but too willful to do what anyone tells them. LOL

  16. pink89berry says:

    aww cuute and smart dog
    If you pay attention you will notice th owner nodding and telling him when to stop(stop nodding)

  17. baretree298 says:

    I think the dog is controlling the human !

  18. skywalker981 says:

    @mrloudogggy You dont get the point my friend. since you know so much about dogs ask them if they already enjoy cooking and wiping the desk job. The dogs are easily trained and pleasant but not for things that never interested themselves .
    Unless the owner of the dog is so fool should have the dog for calculations

  19. RebornChieko1434 says:

    I will teach the dog how to kill Justin Bieber

  20. mrloudogggy says:

    @skywalker981 Either you don’t have a dog or you have a dog that just sits around the house all day and is too spoiled to have a fulfilling life. If you think that depriving a dog a bite of food for less then a minute is “torture” then you must have no idea that dogs not only like to be challenged mentally but they benefit greatly by being challenged. The bottom line is that the dog got the treat for behaving properly and was not harmed in any way whatsoever. I’m sure he is as happy as a clam

  21. RoxyDachsie says:

    ok unfortunately….i don’t think this was that good…the dog was cute, but the dog trainer kind of messed up…i mean the dog grabbed the treat even when she told him not to

  22. BonazaiGirl says:

    @aseglkj The last part was supposed to be a poor attempt at humor. I’m fully aware that dogs can’t do math.

  23. aseglkj says:

    @BonazaiGirl if you really think that a dog can perform multiplication, then you’re even dumber than that dog.

  24. mytoontownfreak says:

    I wonder if this dog would know what the square root of 12 is..

  25. skywalker981 says:

    this is not cute .She just torturing the animal whith stupid questions.Dogs can’t calculate and they dont care about calculations

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